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Project Rainbow - One Room Challenge Fall 2022 - Week 4 Progress

And we are on to week 4. If there is anything I have learned during these past few weeks, it is the ability to persevere and hold onto your vision. If you recall from week 2 which you can revisit here, I made some changes to the final design of my kids' room for this 'project rainbow'. Because we live in an apartment, I had two make two modifications to how I makeover this room:

- First is that the room has a popcorn ceiling, so to take that out and make it modern, I decided to apply a skimming technique instead of removing the popcorn. From what I found out, removing the popcorn ceiling might come with the risk of releasing asbestos into the air, not to talk about the mess that removing the popcorn ceiling will cost. Skim coating refers to an improvement technique that uses a thin layer of joint compound to smooth out textured walls or repair damaged drywall.

So that's what I have done this past week 3 into this week 4, I applied the skim coat to the ceiling and wall where I took off an accent wall tape design that damaged the walls. I have been doing this with a back pain that God has healed thank God. But literally kept working for days with the pain until I fully healed and then rested for some days. Part of me is glad that this isn't a competition, because there are others going through their process working through day to day to get to where they need to be which is amazing and inspiring.

"Persevere and hold onto your vision".

- Secondly, I will be hanging a pendant light in the room as well. And instead of grounding it in and having electrical work done, I will be converting it a plug-in light that is easily accessible and that we can take away with us when we leave the apartment.

What I have learned in this skim coating process

- Don't use a 20-minute set compound powder or even the 45-minute one if you are a beginner. I bought and used the 20-minute compound for my first application to cover the ceiling and found that it got hard pretty quickly even when I wasn't done and I had to keep thinning with water.

- Do buy the regular joint compound mix, already comes premixed and creamy textured and you just have to add a bit more water to make it creamier and this last longer while you work with it

- Do get an extension pole for sanding and painting. I did this from the start but wanted to tell someone again so that you avoid unnecessary body pain from using a short roller, especially depending on the size of the space you are working with.

- Give yourself time to do this if you are doing it by yourself, don't rush and give yourself grace.

Did I tell you guys by the way that my kids have been sleeping on our sleep over air bed since I started doing this? They can't wait to get back into their room and I can't wait for them to get back into their comfortable beds and love their space. It's crazy that it's already week 4 though. Other changes/plans this week:

- work in and on my business

- be a parent (because this never ends and I love it) but of course it doesn't come without it's challenges and definitely not compared to other life challenges.

- sand the bunk bed and dresser

- fix the chipped window trim

- paint walls, trim, bunk bed, dresser and closet.

- attend high point market for the first time this weekend and I can't wait to share updates with you all.

Let's see how much we can achieve in the next few weeks. I am really holding on to the end vision and how it will all come together.

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My name is Ore and I design colorful, modern and eclectic spaces, tailored to your personality and style, helping you stay inspired to love where you live.


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