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One Room Challenge Fall 2022 - Week 7 - Project Rainbow Finish line!

Week 7 omggggggg....We are here friends, we are here!!! And it's been great to be a part of this amazing community and event, and to have such a huge support from you all. Next week is the week you get to see the reveal of our kids room (it is gooood)...not to hype or anything haha!

But seriously I had my photographer come in and take shots on Wednesday and when she sent me teasers the next day, I got teary eyed. Even my photographer made a lovely comment while she was working on it but I will let you all know what she said next week :)

So last week when I thought I was crazy, well turns out I got everything done just in time for the reveal next week. Here's what happened:

- I painted the windows, the trim and the doors (guys it takes a long time to paint trims and especially doors with panels) you have to make sure you get into all the corners even while using a mix of brush and roller techniques

- Installed the wallpaper; this particular wallpaper was actually paper from Italy, it had clear instructions on how to apply it and it had to be handled with care. I ran into situations where I was smoothing and the paper tore up a bit. The adhesive process was also more complicated and time consuming, just take a look at the process below

  • apply adhesive to wallpaper

  • wait for it to dry 10 to 15 minutes

  • after the wallpaper has dried, apply adhesive again to the wallpaper

  • Then also apply adhesive to the wall

  • while the wall is wet, then apply the wallpaper to the wall and adjust and if you where to do any cutting you had to wait until the wallpaper was dry

Never again guys!! - If not for the look I was going for in this room and being budget conscious. Going the paper route saved a lot of money but after this experience, I love my expensive peel and stick option always

- I put up the gorgeous pendant light which was easy. I wasn't connecting them to electricity also to be renter friendly, so I am adding rechargeable or battery powered bulbs to this.

- Got to complete the unpainted wall with my kids which they loved. But I think my youngest (Gabby) loved helping out more than the others.

- Painted the bunk bed, dresser and closet; the bunk took a long time too with all the corners and lines I had to get into. The closet was quick, I added wallpaper to one of the drawers to make it complementary to the rest of the room. The dresser gave me chills just painting it and then adding the jeweled knobs to it - it looks so beautiful!

- I also shopped for the fabric to make the bench cushion which I wanted to place on the toy storage and I found just the right one within minutes. I was also able to make the cushion quickly using some hot glue and spray adhesive to stick the foam and fabric to the top of the toy storage. It's now a cozy reading, playing, storing and relaxing spot. Talk about function! See this sneak peek below

- Then I went to Homegoods and Target and shopped some last minute decor and accessorizing.

"Do not despise these small beginnings..." Zechariah 4:10

Alright enough said....look forward to the reveal next week. Here are some fun details below

And a teaser

Thank you One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy for this incredible amazing platform. I can't say thank you enough.

Thank you Meghan for the beautiful shots and for always being amazing and so patient!

Please be sure to check out other amazing designers and creatives on the One Room Challenge Page here as we all start to wrap up for reveal next week.

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