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Project Rainbow - One Room Challenge Fall 2022 - Week 5 Progress

Hard to believe that in just three weeks, we will be showing the reveal of our spaces. I for one I'm so thankful for this platform. I am glad that it pushes us out of our comfort zone to achieve something that otherwise may not have been possible.

Just to recap again for those who may not know, One Room Challenge is an Interior design event held twice a year during Fall and Spring with the goal of finishing one room over the course of 6 to 8 weeks. Featured designers and online guests post their weekly progress and inspiration until the reveal the last week. The event creates a community of friends, and also sparks creativity and support. So right now, as I mentioned, we are in week 5 with three weeks to go yay!!

I just got back from HighPoint Market which is the largest home furnishings event and trade show from North Carolina and this week has been about getting back to normal, to life, to my husband and kids whom I missed so much, to my clients and to completing this one room challenge. As soon as I got back from my trip, I spent the next few days completing the skimming of the ceiling with a second coat of joint compound. Waited a day for it to dry, then sanded the whole ceiling. I then sanded the adjacent wall where I will also be painting as well and also sanded the bunk bed.

After that, I took care of some chipped window trim which my kids damaged, and you will not believe how I fixed it without ripping out the entire thing and paying a fortune to get it done. Check out my Instagram and Facebook page to find out. And now over this weekend, some priming and painting will be done and then I can start putting up the wallpaper maybe even hang the pendant light.

Take a look at the picture below to give you a sense of what this room will look like when it's complete. OOoooo I am excited haha!

Please be sure to check out other amazing designers and creatives on the One Room Challenge Page here and don't forget to like and support them as well. Thanks to Linda for this platform One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy for being the media sponsor.

You can also look back on the previous weeks below


My name is Ore and I design colorful, modern and eclectic spaces, tailored to your personality and style, helping you stay inspired to love where you live.


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