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Project Rainbow - One Room Challenge Fall 2022 - Week 2 Progress

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Wow so Week 2 is here on this fun one room challenge ride and since week 1, I can tell you a lot has changed. First, this is the floor plan of this small apartment bedroom I am working with - 114 sq ft

After week 1 and further thinking and planning and staring at my kids' room for a long time just envisioning their space, I came up with what I am calling the final concept design on project rainbow.

I want this space to be kid friendly but also somewhat ready for them to transition as they get older. So, I switched out the rugs to what you see here, changed the drawer pulls (so gorgeous and colorful), added the blinds and then finalized the color scheme as well.

So far in the room I have peeled off the accent wall tape I had on their wall and also took down the crib. That crib has served us for about 7 years and instead of throwing it out, I think I will save it for a future project. I thought about using it in this space, but I want to create a bit more space and a bit more room for the kids to play so I am switching the crib for a tent instead. The tent could easily fold up when the kids aren't using it which is great.

Other changes to be made in this room:

- the room has a popcorn ceiling, and rather than removing it and having to deal with testing it for asbestos, going through all that hassle and considering my kids, I will be skim coating the ceiling instead with joint compound and then finish off with a high gloss paint. I am excited and somewhat nervous since I haven't done this before, but to save on cost, I will be taking this on myself so we will see how it goes.

- I will also be changing the ceiling fan and also adding the fun pendant light which I will convert to plug in. This makes it easier to take with me when we leave the apartment, and I don't have to worry about creating additional holes in the wall.

- I have to sand the bunk bed and paint it in a nice turquoise blue by Sherwin Williams called 'swimming'. Also painting the trim and doors in 'grenadine' also by Sherwin Williams, and then painting the dresser in 'Chartreuse'. See that's why I called it the Rainbow Project. Don't worry it will make sense as you follow along.

Part of what I do as an Interior Designer is to bring this trained eye into my client's home and infuse it with color to speak to how they want to feel in different parts of their home. Color is such a huge part of our lives and it's something that I will always work with.

Anyway, follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you aren't already doing so to stay updated and also sign up for our newsletter to get more home decor advice and tips. And please be sure to check out other amazing designers on the One Room Challenge Page here. The community is so friendly and supportive and it's great to follow other people's journey and their progress, even to offer encouragement. Thanks to Linda for this platform One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy for being the media sponsor.


My name is Ore and I design colorful, modern and eclectic spaces, tailored to your personality and style, helping you stay inspired to love where you live.


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