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Reveal of our Kids Room Project - Project Rainbow - One Room Challenge Fall 2022

Week 8 and the final week praiseeeeeee God!!! It's been long, it's been hard, it's been challenging, tiring, stressful, fun but it's finally here and so worth it!!! Seriously I cannot believe we are here. When week 1 started, it felt like I had a long way to go, then week 4 came and it felt like I was behind, but it's finished. Just look at this gorgeous vignette.

kids bedroom

So, setting out to makeover this room for my kids, there were a few things I had in mind that I wanted to achieve:

- to make use of the small square footage and make it seem larger

- using paint and lighting to brighten the room

- add functionality through meaningful but playful storage that still transitions into adulthood

- play area to spark creativity

- decor and art for personalization and character

- a welcoming, colorful, cozy space the kids can call their own

I am happy to say that I achieved all that. Let's look at where we started from

This 9' by 12' apartment bedroom in addition to its small size for our kids was dark and cluttered. Clothes where everywhere despite trying to find ways to make the kids room clean. Their toys where always everywhere and they barely had a space to play that they loved to go to. Our kids also love playing in a 'make belief tent' so they would tie up pieces of bedsheets to the bunk bed and the crib to play. Then our youngest now 4 years old no longer needed the crib and it was time for that to go. That gave me the room I needed to work with. This is actually the second makeover and the best I have done in my kids room. Then they turned it upside down and have been begging me ever since to redo their room.

Check out the previous makeover below when I started my business back in much has changed now

Back to the kids room today, don't forget the ugly fan and the popcorn ceiling that was there before. So pretty much from week 1 to week 5 I spent most of my time skimming, sanding, painting and covering the ceiling working my way down. Then I painted the walls prior to painting the doors, windows and trims. The ceiling and walls were painted in Sherwin Williams "swimming" in a high gloss finish which I previously meant to use only on the ceiling.


Afterward, I proceeded to start installing the striped rainbow wallpaper. This wallpaper gave me a run for my strength, my capacity, my will haha. I mean I ordered it from Etsy and here's what I loved and what I did not like about it.

I loved that it was vegan, environmentally friendly and renter friendly.

I did not like the tedious process required to hang it. You had to apply adhesive on the sheets of wallpaper, wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to dry. After it dried, then you apply the adhesive again to the wallpaper and also apply the adhesive onto the wall, and while it is wet, hang the wallpaper on the wet wall and reposition carefully because it was literally paper. Because this took a long time, once I got the hang of it, I ignored the wait time for the wallpaper to dry and just applied the adhesive onto the wallpaper and wall and hung it up while it was wet.

I will say though that the wallpaper was affordable and after all is said and done, it looks beautiful in my kids room.

Never again though, I'm sticking to my expensive peel and stick wallpaper going forward. But I mean, it looks gorgeous!!

As you see here, I painted the doors, window and trims in Sherwin Williams "Grenadine" and really loved the turnout. I then added the gorgeous black door hardware I had sitting at home which I meant to use on another project, and it popped beautifully with this coral color.

Next, I cleaned, sanded and painted the bunk bed in Sherwin Williams "Blue iris" in an eggshell finish. I wanted something close to the blue on the ceiling but not far off and still tied into the overall color scheme I was going for in the room. All these colors were also in the rainbow wallpaper so that served as the focal point for the rest of the room.

Do you see that reflection of the wallpaper up on the ceiling?? wow I am amazed how this turned out. Glad that the arm and back pains I developed from working on that ceiling paid!! I wanted bigger neon lights above their bed but after shopping and thinking about the cost of customizing one, I got something appropriate also from Amazon that the kids love as well with the words "sweet dreams". The chartreuse throw is from overstock and when I tell you that this thing is cozy, luxe and soft, literally "soft life" as they say because it really feels so good.

The dresser

The dresser in the kids' room is something else I am really proud of. It's perfect for a kid's room but totally upgraded to be used in an adult space as well. One of the first things I knew I wanted to do was to paint it in Sherwin-Williams "Chartreuse" and then switch out the previous pulls for some gorgeous knobs that tied to my overall Project rainbow theme, and I found the perfect one on Amazon. It's the perfect eye candy!!

Here is the before of the dresser

And after cleaning, sanding, priming and painting, here is the AFTER....soo good

The fan and the closet

Because I was doing a high gloss ceiling, I wanted some reflection from the fan to the ceiling, hence the reason I chose the fan you see in the concept design below.

But after it arrived, it was so small and unappealing to the kids' room. Even my oldest daughter could tell it was not to scale. So, I had to return it and was able to get a full refund to order what you see in the AFTER images, and I must say this fits this space so well. I love the gold tone and the neutral wood texture which creates a radial balance with other elements in the room.

The closet next to the dresser above previously had green and pink drawers. In order to create a cohesive look but not a matched set of furniture kind of look, I incorporated the colors already in the room to create harmony and let the eyes move easily around the room. Then I also added a layer of wallpaper to one of the drawers to add dimension and visual interest.

To finish off this room, I added an eclectic gallery wall personalized with some pictures of the kids as well as other art that they love. I especially love the quote from Mandela that says

"It always seems impossible until it's done."

Nelson Mandela

Couldn't have said it better.

The bench cushion

An added layer of comfort and functionality I added to this room was adding a toy storage to replace the kids previous collapsible basket storage. I also made a bench cushion on top of the toy storage where they could gather to play, read a book or just sit down to talk and within the past one week, this nook has been used for all those things already. Infact, the kids love their room so much and I will be sharing with you in my Instagram stories how much fun they are having.

Thank you all for your support and for being here. Thankful to be a part of the One room challenge with Apartment Therapy as the media sponsor. I hope this inspires you as much as much as it inspires me and my family. It also shows the kind of vibe, color, versatility I love to bring to my projects because color is life so if you want to love and live in a colorful and vibrant home, reach out to me at I'd love to help.

Thank you, Meghan, for capturing this room so beautifully.

This room is completely colorful, inspiring, playful, cozy, calm, clean and most importantly, filled with love.

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Please be sure to check out the Reveal of fellow designers and creatives on the One Room Challenge Page here. It's been an awesome and challenging 8 weeks for all of us!


My name is Ore and I design colorful, modern and eclectic spaces, tailored to your personality and style, helping you stay inspired to love where you live.


Apr 25, 2023