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Project Rainbow - One Room Challenge Fall 2022 - Week 6 Progress

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Wow Wow Wow!!! Week 6 already. It is so crazy how time flies. Not too long ago I decided to participate in One Room Challenge to transform my kids' bedroom because they have been begging me to do it and this gave me the perfect opportunity to take their space to another level. It's been a roller coaster ride for sure with the constant thought process of creativity and then fighting to actually implement that idea. Take a look at where we started below

The bedroom being a 9' by 12' room was small, cluttered, and dark and the ceiling fan originally installed by the apartment did no good in terms of lighting. There was also no room for the kids to move around and play or make tents like they love to. So first, I created a concept design to put my thoughts together as you see below

Then I created a 2D-design to help better visualize a side of the room. Two walls will have this gorgeous wallpaper, while the other walls will be painted but with beautiful accents and pieces such as this gorgeous pendant light below, the dresser which will be painted in Sherwin Williams Chartreuse and another dresser colorfully customized as well.

So far it has been fun and I have poured my all into this space, my arm, my legs, my head, my mind, my back (yes my back) - I have skimmed (using joint compound to cover texture) the ceiling twice to cover the original ugly popcorn ceiling, then also sanded a few times to remove gouges and lines all while raising my hand up, using the days I have before having to pick up my kids from school, then also doing client projects on the side as well.

The ceiling has been where most of the prep work was done. Then I cleaned and sanded the bunk bed, the doors and took out their handles, painted the ceiling, cleaned up the room from sanding and its crunch time now. The fan I wanted to use for my kid's room arrived and I was able to get the maintenance staff of our apartment to install it. However, upon doing that, I realized it was too small for the space so had to remove it and now I am expecting a replacement and completely different one this weekend which I now have to install myself.

For me now, it's sort of a few days left to go because I have professional photography scheduled next week, but before that here's what I still have to do tomorrow and into this weekend:

- paint the trim, windows and doors in Sherwin Williams Grenadine

- Install the custom roman shades I ordered which came on time (thank God) from Karuilu Home

- Install wallpaper from Wallpapers 4 Beginners

- put up the pendant light

- paint bunk bed, dresser and closet

- I left one wall unpainted because I wanted my kids to join in the fun so that's happening today

- accessorizing and finishing touches by this weekend

Am I crazy? ahhhh I'm not but I know all this will happen by God's grace and if not, I might just push my photography back a bit. Remember that my kids have also been sleeping on our sleepover airbed since this makeover so I really want to be done with this space already for their sake and they can't wait too.

See progress shots below:

Please be sure to check out other amazing designers and creatives on the One Room Challenge Page here and don't forget to like and support them as well. Thanks to Linda for this platform One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy for being the media sponsor.

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