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About Inspired Ore Home Decor
And How She Can Help You


"Good homes are built on wisdom and understanding"

- Proverbs 24:3


As a wife and mother of 3 beautiful kids as well as owner/founder of Inspired Ore Home Decor, I understand the challenges and distractions that surface when we think about decoration - budget, lifestyle etc. Thus I'd like to inspire and help you focus on what matters. I started this journey hoping to empower families and professionals alike with a dilemma about the space they are living in.


Now more than ever, we need some color in our lives to inspire us, to spark that creativity and to remind us of what we can do. I don't just have an eye for eclectic and colorful modern home décor and design, but my goal is to help you, love your space, from a place where you barely have time to spend with your kids to a place where they can call their own and from a place of not loving what you have around you and complete chaos, to totally being inspired and excited everyday to come home to. I am here as an expert to show you what colors will work and how to use them, so you don't have to worry. To help you figure out what it means to live in a peaceful and cool space, or in a completely bold and eclectic home.

You don't need to bother about all the details that go into interior design and living in your dream home. Allow me the opportunity to use my God-given talent to serve you by helping you make your space special because you deserve it. I'm here to keep you on track to being and staying inspired!

I would love to help you live in a beautiful home that inspires you to be creative, to love where you live, and to focus on spending time with your kids and other things that matter to you. And I would love to do that through color and design.

About Inspired Ore Home Decor
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