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5 Updates for an Elevated Kitchen and Home

Here are 5 Updates to make in a kitchen that can improve your home value and additional ways an Interior Designer can help you:

1. Upgrade Appliances

Investing in quality appliances will ensure you enjoy your investment for years to come. Outdated appliances may no longer serve their purpose because as we grow, we may start to see things differently, learn new things, change our diet, the way we cook, our lifestyle and how we live - these factors can help you decide if you want a double oven, a microwave on your island providing easy reach for children, appliances separating meat products from dairy products, all these and more to consider in selecting the right appliance.

2. Change the Layout

No matter what size or space you have, underutilization can occur when your space doesn't serve it's purpose or rather when it doesn't work for your family needs. Are you someone that cooks a lot and need a lot of surface area to work with? Maybe you entertain and need 2 counter tops as opposed to one? maybe your family is changing and you need to change your kitchen to accommodate an eat-in or banquette area or extend your kitchen space? The layout is quite important and this also attracts future buyers when you consider selling your home.

3. Update Cabinetry

There are several changes that can be made to update your cabinetry. Choose to go with simple changes such as painting a new color, changing the hardware knobs and pulls to a more modern style or any other design style you are interested in. Or make more advances decisions such as completing tearing down a traditional style cabinet setup to a streamlined look and finish? Adding not only closed cabinetry but also open shelving and see through options to open up your kitchen space and add more storage? It all depends on what your goals are.

4. Update Flooring

There are various options to choose from including durable and not too expensive options like luxury vinyl tiles and wood and other stone tiles, engineered wood options and other water resistant options. You want options that will again provide a return on investment but also withstand everyday use including water spills, and temperature changes in a kitchen.

5. Replace Countertops

Granite may have been used years ago but today there are more beautiful, stylish and durable options in the market to create a kitchen that is yours and is not just trendy but works for you. Quartz countertops are always a great option because of their durability and also versatility to blend into any design style. There are also other options like dekton, sensa and other natural stone options which may not be known to the general consumer but an interior designer can help you specify which in turn can bring your dream space to life and exceed the demands of your everyday life.

How can I help you as a Designer?

My role at Inspired Ore Home Decor is not only to help my clients and families achieve the home of their dreams, but to also make the process easier, to reduce stress and create improvement and inspiration in transforming my clients home and their lives. 

As designers and in addition to being creative, we have the know how to get other information and specifications into your home that a contractor maybe unaware of - they may just go with shelf items from Home Depot or Lowes which there's nothing wrong with and we can help you with that as well, but there are also designer options that offer more use and versatility depending on how you want to use your kitchen.

If you are ready to start your Kitchen or bathroom project, schedule an In-Home Consultation with us here.


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