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5 Interior Design Improvements that add Value to your Home - Tip #4

Wow friends I hope you have been enjoying this series with me. It's been so fun sharing these 5 Interior Design Improvements that add value to your home, which you can start making notes on, and implementing those changes soon depending on where you are in your home owner journey. As we round up the month of March, Tip #4 will be on creating a welcoming entryway. Let's look at some ways to achieve that below!

Tip #4 - Create a welcoming entryway

5 interior design improvements that add value to your home-new-jersey-interior-designer

source: unknown

Hang Wall art

Entryways are great focal points to bring in wall art that is welcoming and stylish. Some entryways that are small could benefit from hanging a vertical row or even eclectic arrangement of wall mirrors creating an illusion that opens up and makes the room brighter. Wall art can be personalized from your favorite collector or artist of interest, whatever you choose, make sure it's cohesive to the flow and feel of your home and even sparks an engaging conversation with your guests.

Use Color well

The entry way is the perfect place to bring in color and introduce it throughout the spaces in your home. Why use white when you could jazz it up with bright and bold or even light colors. Think of vivid hues of purple, blue, red, green, mix it up with geometric wallpaper to make the colors pop and add a dramatic flair. Make things even more interesting with plants and an upholstered chair or two to sit and take off your shoes when you walk through your doors. Whatever you prefer, make sure your personality shines through to welcome you and your guest home.

source: architectural digest photo by Joshua McHugh

Layer Lighting

Again the use of lighting cannot be overemphasized, in any area of the home but especially in an entryway. Imaging you opened the doors of your home and walked right into a dark and unappealing entry.

There are many ways to layer lighting. From placing a lamp on the desk in the entry, to layering a wall mirror with wall sconce or having a beautiful chandelier or flushed mount light welcome you (depending on the height of your entry), the options are endless. Choose options that complement your style or even the architecture of your foyer. Consider matching the finish of your lighting to décor accessories around your home or even mixing metals for more interest.

Strategically use furniture

Depending on the size of your entryway, choosing the right furniture in scale to space around your entry is important. You don't want to select a furniture size too big or too small that could either swallow up your space or make it look awkward. If you have a square like entry which is common in most homes, you can offset the strong structural lines with a round or pedestal table along with an irregular shaped or cowhide rug but of course you can also embrace those lines with a square rug as well. If your foyer allows for it, add a console table with chairs on the side, with ottomans underneath for storage or a dresser with multiple storage options. Make your foyer yours!

Dress your walls

Lastly, yes dress your walls. Dress it up in wallpaper and give it a smooth finish like a baby's soft skin or a textured grass cloth wallpaper. Even dress it up in fabric, layering other decor accents for that cohesion or create these same ideas with glossy paint for example and reflect that gorgeous morning light through those fantastic!

Ha! I can't wait to hear what you guys think about this tip #4. Pease leave me a comment below to let me know if you find it helpful.

Be sure to check out the other blog post on tip #1, 2 & 3 below in the related post section below. I appreciate your time and look forward to serving you.


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