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Eclectic Gallery Wall: How to Style

I remember trying to create my first gallery wall and being slightly scared of how it would turn out. I knew I didn't want the streamlined modern version (nothing wrong with it) but I wanted something different, something with more spunk and personality so I went ahead and worked it out since I was working in my passion anyway and it turned out great-- what do you guys think?

Mood board, Valentine mood board, Valentine inspiration, red curtains, red heart pillow

Thinking about this made me think, for sure there has to be someone out there who starts sweating profusely when it comes to creating an eclectic gallery wall. So in order to help you out and me seriously (I'm still learning), I'm creating this guide to show you different styles and different ways to get the eclectic gallery wall look, whether you are creating it with pictures or wall art or other home decor/accent. I hope you find this useful.

  1. Create an eclectic gallery wall with pictures of different sizes - As you see below, though the sizes vary, they come together to create a cohesive look. The larger, more vertical sizes (12 by 16) help to define where the other smaller and horizontal pieces go. To achieve this, ensure that the top and bottom of all the frames together end up in a straight line.


2. Add in other home decor accents to make it your own - As seen below in this Edesign I created, you can not only use pictures to create an eclectic gallery wall, but you can make it more personable by adding home decor pieces such as mirrors, wall clocks, a piece of art - anything that adds personality and means something to you helps make this gallery wall one of a kind.


3. Create a focal point - Center the rest of your gallery wall around a focal point - an emphasis. Something that catches your eyes as soon as you walk into the room. It could be a beautiful graphic art or abstract art, a mirror, a sculpture - just have fun with it and ensure that it is arranged at eye level.