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Entryway Decor Ideas: Mirrors & Consoles

Your entryway or foyer is a great way to make a grand or first impression in your home. It sets the tone for the rest of your home and creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests. The foyer serves different functions based on your daily routine. you have to ask yourself, what is the first thing I do when I come in? What is your work schedule? Do you come in during the day or at night, how should that space function. No matter how you setup the foyer, two main elements to have is a great console table and mirrors.


Having a mirror as you walk into your home serves different functions. It's not only an element of beauty but also facilitates light movement. It illuminates and bounces natural and artificial light around the space making your entrance bright. It's also an additional statement for that last look before you step out to make sure you got it all right. Take a look at these statement making and eclectic mirrors below and click to shop!


Console Tables

A console table can serve many functions in a foyer. It can create a statement, it can serve as storage, or for setting down your bags or keys. It helps you also organize your home because the last thing you want for a space that is elevated is clutter. A statement piece can also tell a story and finding the right texture, color and style helps to set the balance for a great first impression. Click to view and shop below



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