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Favorite Bookcases and How to Use Them

Family Room with corner fireplace and purple walls

Spring is Coming!! And with this new season comes spring cleaning and spring organizing. So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite bookcases that you can use in your own home and some inspiration on how to use them.

1. Arched Bookcases

Bookcases in general add a great focal point but an arched bookcase also acts as an art piece providing depth and dimension to your space. With its lines and structure, an arched bookcase like the ones below also creates softness in a room with a lot of hard lines and brings sophistication with a feminine touch. See how its used in the space below

78 in. Natural/Brown Metal 5-shelf Accent Bookcase with Open Back

Faux Marble Bookshelf

Space by Chango & Co.

2. Ladder Bookcases

Ladder bookcases are a great alternative to the standard shelving. They are very functional either as closed or open shelving and compact so they are great for small spaces too. Just make sure if you get the leaning ladder shelves that you put them in a place they won't get bumped into.

Little Italy Ladder Bookcase

Sabrina Alfin Interiors

3. Geometric Bookcases

Geometric bookcases are stylish and modern. Like ladder bookshelves, they are out of the norm and work well in a lot of different spaces and with various design styles. Geometric bookcases also act as 3-dimensional wall art which could be decorated with minimal decor since they already have so much style. Or accentuate their playfulness with colorful decor.

Angelica Geometric Bookcase

Belby Geometric Bookcase

4. Glass Bookcases

Glass bookcases or bookshelves are always modern and elegant. They are great because they give the illusion of a larger space and also reflect light. They keep the room from being too heavy and can be light or heavy. However, I do not recommend using these in spaces with little kids running around as that can cause a safety hazard, unless they are floating shelves or in built-ins.

Sauder International Lux Bookcase

source: unknown

5. Industrial Bookcase

Industrial bookcases are versatile and are mostly made with wood, metal and or pipes. They fit design styles ranging from rustic to farmhouse, industrial and ultra modern styles.

Vintage Industrial Bookshelf

Bookcases comes in different styles and the one that works for you will depend on what style you want, the functionality you are looking for, what purpose you want the bookshelf to serve and then the size.

I hope this has been helpful for you as you begin to organize your home for Spring time and beyond!


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