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5 Interior Design Improvements that add Value to your Home - Tip 2

To continue with interior design improvements that add value to your home, today we will be talking about Bathroom remodels.

Tip #2 - Bathroom Remodel

According to Zillow, bathroom remodels yield the biggest return in terms of boosting your home's resale value. That means the features you update can either help your home value or make it worse. Let's talk about the changes that really make a difference

5 interior design improvements that add value to your home-new-jersey-interior-designer

Changing the Shower/tub

- Having a walk-in shower or tub or both is a must have feature in the bathroom. Depending on your family needs, if you live by yourself then a walk in shower in alone will work but if you are thinking about selling, then definitely have at least one bathroom in your home with a tub as this will be attractive for potential buyers especially for families with kids.

- Consider the position of your tub or walk-in shower. Ensure that the position does not make the space smaller. Materials such as a see through glass helps make the bathroom seem larger and spacious.

- Replace an old bathtub or refinish an existing one for a modern look.

Outdated Sink

Changing an outdated sink is not only appealing but can be attractive to the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. Transform an old sink to a modern double vanity for more functionality, storage and ease of use. These changes also mean replacing or installing new countertops, faucet and even changing out other bathroom hardware so the materials and finish chosen should be carefully selected to add the most value.

Heated floors

The addition of heated floors to a bathroom is a luxury but one that comes with great rewards. It not only boost ROI but attracts potential buyers as a must have as well. If you have a large bathroom, this addition is worthwhile compared to a smaller bathroom due to the expense. As part of our core body temperature, if your feet is warm, the whole body stays warm so having heated floors brings comfort but is also energy efficient which can save money on utility bills.


Okay the increase in home value might be less significant when it comes to replacing or installing a new toilet but there are benefits that you won't want to ignore. A Bidet is an addition to a toilet that creates a water stream for personal hygiene along with other hands free and comfort features. It cuts down on toilet paper waste which makes it environmentally friendly and helps save money as well. A bidet has some health benefits such as reducing urinary tract infections. And if you gloss over all of that, it also comes with enhancements such as heated seat, warm water wash and temperature regulation and warm air dry. I mean can you just say - hands up!! See what I did there? haha

Let me know if these tips have helped you so far and thank you all for being here. Be sure to check out the first blog post on tip #1 below. We appreciate your time and look forward to serving you.


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