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5 Interior Design Improvements that add Value to your Home - Tip 1

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Throughout the month of March, every Monday here at Inspired Ore Home Decor, we will be discussing 5 interior design improvements that add value to your home. This will help anyone who may be ready for that big step in taking their home to the next level and making it that oasis they can call their own, but aren't sure whether to hire an Interior Designer.

It will help you see that working with an Interior Designer pays dividends that you may not have thought of. Let's dive right in!

Tip #1 - Kitchen Renovations

The value of a Kitchen Renovation or Kitchen remodel cannot be underestimated when talking about the property value of your home. Afterall, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Its where most families spend time together eating, maybe getting ready for work and school with kids or even using it as a surface for work sometimes as we saw during COVID. Depending on how much you spend on kitchen upgrades, you can expect up to 80% ROI on your home value if not more.

5 interior design improvements that add value to your home-new-jersey-interior-designer

Beyond money, buyers overall will buy a home based on how they feel about a space, the attraction factor and the overall functionality of that space.

So what kind of changes should you make in the kitchen to increase your home value especially when you are ready to sell?

Cabinet Installation/Refacing

If you have old cabinets, consider refacing and restoring them with small changes such as sanding, refinishing with a stain or paint and also change the hardware. If they are really worn out, then reinstalling new top and base cabinets will be the best way to go. Either way you can expect a major impact on your home just from these changes.

Countertop Updates

In most homes even where homeowners have a mix of design style for example between traditional and contemporary style, more modern countertops are often selected as the best option because of the functionality, the appeal and polish it brings to a kitchen and the impact especially in an open concept home. I recommend going with granite, marble and quartz options especially for their durability but there are certainly other options depending on what you are willing to invest.


A modern backsplash is a beautiful kitchen element and one of the first ones any notices in a kitchen space. Whether you get a nice plain colored tile or one with geometric patterns and colors, you are sure to make an impression that can make or break the decision and attention of a buyer.

how to add value to your home with a kitchen renovation


Good design always stresses the importance of good lighting. It affects your mood (think about being in a dark room or a room with fluorescent lighting, it changes the quality of what you see. Good lighting should emphasize the colors and textures around you and make you want to be in that space especially in a kitchen.

Good choices to think of when selecting lighting for the kitchen is overhead lighting such as chandeliers, pendant to accent lighting such as wall sconces and recessed lighting and even task lighting under the cabinets and in the pantry.

Sink & Faucet

The addition of a new sink and faucet in a kitchen is very important and relatively less expensive compared to other changes in a kitchen remodel. Using the sink and faucet is a high traffic zone so you want to select the right type, size, and finish that works with your kitchen and flows with your countertop, backsplash, and cabinets.


And lastly, as we talk about high traffic in the kitchen, flooring is one thing that should not be overlooked. With new floors, most homeowners see a 70% ROI when they sell their home. Thinking of which option to choose? Vinyl flooring is a basic and inexpensive option to go with and works with most design styles. As the kitchen is considered a 'wet area', you could go with tile, wood or stone options instead giving you more of an exotic and classy look. With tile, you can play with the pattern and color of the grout to add dimension and personalize your space.

Thank you all for being here. We appreciate your time and look forward to serving you.


Have any questions or considering a kitchen remodel? Check out our full design service here

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