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Tip #5 - 5 Interior Design Improvements that add Value to your Home

This is the final tip in this series on Interior Design improvements that add value to your home. Paint is a huge factor when thinking about what adds value to your home. It yields over 107% ROI which is about a $4000 increase in your home value or more and I am sure no one would want to lose out on that.

Color also has behavioral and psychological effects on our mood and how we think or how we work. Yellow for example gives us that excited/happy feeling which makes us work faster or become more creative in that environment.

Knowing this, don't just use any paint color, especially in a way that is unappealing and rather does the opposite. On the exterior of your home, paint adds instant curb appeal and draws people in. On the inside, it makes people want to stay and in a few ways below, I want to share with you how to use paint and some ideas of paint colors to use in your home interiors.

Neutral Colors

Neutral paint colors help potential home buyers to see the home as a clean slate that they can customize to their taste. They can envision themselves living in there and how their lifestyle will work along with other factors. Sometimes when moving into a new home, potential buyers may not be ready to paint right away, so having a color palette that they are able to live with really boosts the ROI on any living space around your home. When I talk about neutral colors I am talking about grays, white and off white colors. See the ones I recommend below:

I recommend Grays like SW6261 Essential Gray

Off White like SW 7104 Cotton White

5 interior design improvements that add value to your home-new-jersey-interior-designer

Pastel Colors

These kind of colors are a great way to use lighter shades of bold colors if you want to try colors in a muted way and without overpowering the space. They also work well and can pass for neutral colors which also adds to your home value and increase potential buyer interest. Here are the ones I recommend with some ideas for where to use them

Purple Pastels SW 6259 Spatial White (foyer/living room)

Blue Pastels SW 6504 Sky High (bathroom)

Yellow Pastels SW 6901 Daffodil

Green Pastels

Bold Colors

Bold colors are a great way to show personality. They are also great for that cozy warm atmosphere filling and thus great for intimate areas in the home. Bold colors can also be used in awkward spaces and nooks and also on cabinetry. Bold colors like blue used in the kitchen for example adds an extra $1500 to the home value. Bold colored bathrooms are also another buyer favorite with a large return on investment. Checkout the ones I recommend below and where to use them

Green - SW 6741 Derbyshire (powder room/bedroom)

Blue - SW 6790 Adriatic Sea (accent wall)

SW 6793 Bluebell (bedroom ceilings/bathroom)

Black - SW 6258 Tricorn Black (wainscoting around living areas/cabinetry/accent wall)

SW 6992 Inkwell (dining room/office)

Purple - SW 6282 Mauve Finery (nursery)

SW 6557 Wood Violet (cabinetry/bedroom/family room)

SW 6531 Indigo (kitchen)

source: Anne Rae Design

Bear in mind that these colors can be used in other rooms besides the ones I mentioned above, but be sure to have an Interior Designer on your side who can help you select the right color for your space, function and individual/family needs.

If you use any of these colors, I would love if you send me a picture to share in the #joyofcolor with you. Or you could also send me a message on Instagram @inspiredorehomedecor or leave me a comment here. I can't wait to see the overall transformation

Check out the other related blog post below in the related post section. I appreciate your time and look forward to serving you.


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