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5 Interior Design Improvements that add Value to your Home - Tip #3

Believe it or not, a custom home can definitely increase your home value. Not far from other tips we have discussed so far, the same trend applies here. For a buyer to have interest in a home, they have to see the potential it gives for their lifestyle and function. Here are some ways to customize your home and also potentially increase its value when done right.

Tip #3 - Custom Home Solutions

5 interior design improvements that add value to your home-new-jersey-interior-designer

Custom Cabinetry/ Built-in

Built in custom cabinetry are a great investment because they are functional and add storage. They are also great because they hold up well especially in homes with "good bones" and help you make good use of awkward spaces such as under the stairs.

Working with a good designer and contractor helps you get the best value for your custom cabinets or built in. Together, they can help you create a design that will not need to be replaced and last a long time, and also create a good experience for you in your home. Depending on the style, size, hardware and functionality (open vs. closed shelving), the investment made will determine if it will last in the long run. Be sure to work with a designer for your money's worth.

Custom Furnishings & Window Treatment

Custom furnishings do not only include sofa and chairs but everything movable that comes with putting your space together.

It includes, rugs, lighting, artwork, accessories all which make a home feel personalized. Without these things, your home would look bare and without purpose.

Same goes for not having window treatments on your windows. Whether roman shades, blinds, drapes, shutters, they add to the appeal that pulls your home together and having window treatments especially when layered and customized along with the rest of the furnishings increases the desire for the buyer to consider the property and to see themselves living there. Window treatments come with light filtering properties and lighting makes a big difference in making a space look elegant and bright vs dark and unattractive.

Window treatments that are energy efficient also help you save money on heating and cooling as you switch between the winter and summer months so be careful to choose them well or better still, find a window treatment professional/interior designer to help you make the right choice.

Let me know if these tips have helped you so far and thank you all for being here. Be sure to check out the other blog post on tip #1 & 2 below in the related post section below. We appreciate your time and look forward to serving you.


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