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Project Essex Villas - A Refreshing and Colorful Family Room

Family Room with corner fireplace and purple walls

Happy Tuesday friends. Here is the reveal of a project we completed over Christmas located in West Orange, NJ. My client started this process with existing furniture that they wanted to keep. So our overall design and implementation was based on connecting those pieces together and making them cohesive and functional. Continue reading to find out how we turned this family room into a colorful and refreshing space that the whole family now loves.

1. The Consultation

After my client sent me details about her space through the questionnaire. We where then able to discuss further during the consultation stage. We connected online through zoom as I listened to her needs, her pain points and the feeling she would like to get from this space. My client mentioned that as a married and full-time working mom of 2, barely having the time to do what she loves for herself and for their home, and also a huge HGTV fan, she wanted their family room to feel "inviting and comfortable...rooms with a lot of personal touches without looking overcrowded or cluttered and with art and decor pieces that where exotic and unique". At this stage she also learned about my services and was able to select the Thrive Package which would allow me to full service ordering and full service onsite styling after the design phase had been approved and products ordered and delivered.

We had an additional In-Person consultation which allowed to give further recommendations based on the needs of the space and some of the things we need to tackle was getting enough light into every area of the family room. This space was also unique with the corner fireplace so figuring layout of the furniture pieces in a way that would bring intimacy during conversations and create a cozy space while still make the fireplace a focal point was needed.

Take a look at the Before Photos

2. The Design Phase

At this stage, the contract has been signed and the vision from the consultation was being implemented. I proceeded to create concept or mood board for my plans which sets the vision and tone for the space helping to see how the color and materials would work together.

The Concept

Then I designed the 2D and 3D rendering of the family room that would allow my client to see the recommended layout and provide a real-world view of the space. This is where exact or close measurements of the space are really important. Measurements such as the ceiling height, and the window measurements will help to know exact placement of furnishings and overhead lighting. If window treatments are needed, the measurements will help as well as we did in my clients home in replacing the old ones that did not work with the new design.

The E-Design a.k.a 3D renderings of the family room

Because my client was already starting to make changes to her space including color selection, it was a great idea that I signed on early during the decision process and therefore was able to make a color recommendation for the room walls. I originally recommended "Hint of Violet" by Benjamin Moore from their 2022 color trends collection but after trying on a portion of the wall, we saw that that color was much darker for what we wanted in that space so we went with the lighter shade "Venetian Marble" also by Benjamin Moore which was perfect.

3. Final Design & Styling

After the design was presented and approved by my client, I proceeded to order the items and wait for them to be delivered. We then scheduled an appointment for me to come in and style the accessories and layout furnishing as planned. Mind you, my client wanted this done with only a few days to Christmas so it was crunch time and of course, I delivered. There are still a few things my client will be doing in this space in the future such as mounting the TV, installing the chandelier and changing the material on the fireplace but for now it is set to live in and to entertain. My client was so pleased and is still so pleased today that she sent me an update two months later saying "the living room continues to be such a joy and inspiration. The coziness keeps me refreshed. Haven't changed a thing!"

Part of this styling was to make use of what the client already had. So I was able to repurpose the mirror she had on the fireplace by spray painting and giving it some exotic gold details making it an eye-catching focal point for the fireplace. See below

The Reveal

open concept living room design

See more pictures of this project in our portfolio CLICK HERE

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