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Inspired Ore Home Decor - Online Interior Design Process

Inspired Ore Home Decor Online Design Process

Happy Valentines Day friends - As we get deeper into the year I wanted to share our design process and how we help make your home beautiful.

When taking on clients with Online Interior Design also known as E-design, the process of working with someone you can't see physically can get confusing or uncomfortable. But as I get clear on my process and the many clients that I have worked with, I hope to use this platform to dispel any doubts and bring transparency to what you can expect when you work with me. Every designer is different as to the style they will bring to your home and their process of doing things, so it's important to understand this when working with an Interior Designer. I want my clients to be ready but also not to feel anxious throughout the Design process so hopefully this helps to clarify expectations.

1. Fill out Design Questionnaire

Our client inquiry starts with you filling out the design questionnaire. The questionnaire guides you through the questions that I need to best understand your project needs. It includes details such as the room you want to focus on, why you are redesigning your space, down to if you will be using existing furniture pieces or purchasing new ones, your timeline, your budget and also gives you room to take measurements of your space and upload inspirational pictures. This first step is key to the rest of the design process.

2. Consultation

Once the questionnaire has been received, you will receive a link to schedule your online consultation which will last for about an hour. During this time, we will discuss more details as to how you live, what colors you love and what you envision for your space based on the questionnaire you sent. Then I will also go through my investment guide with you letting you know more about me, the E-Design services I offer and recommendation on which package you would like to go with based on your project needs and budget. This step will give you clear directions on what to do next and give you the confidence you need to move forward.

For residents local to the Northern and Central NJ area, I also offer in person consultation for the local E-design package.

3. Design

This phase is where I get to work wonders to create a beautiful space you will love, feel inspired in and never want to leave. After the consultation and payment received and contract signed, I then use the information received from the consult to curate either a mood board of decor and furniture pieces recommended for your space. Depending on the package selected, I will also design a floorplan with layout, a color palette, 3D rendering of your space at this stage.

open concept living room design

4. Online Presentation

Get Inspired - it's the moment you have been waiting for! All the design plans, the concept comes together as I work you through every detail that makes your home beautiful and more inspiring. We meet online via zoom so we can get to see each other even though we can't meet in person. Prior to the presentation, you will get a notice to go into your design platform account, same one you used for the questionnaire. And in here you will be able to approve or decline product items based on everything we have talked about. You will also have the ability to leave comments on each product or just a general comment about the design plan. Here in this phase is where you would also review your E-designs from the 3D rendering if part of your packet and we talk about form, function and purpose. The E-designs are sent separately via email for you to review but combined later on in your final packet.

If you have revisions you would like to make at this point and it's part of the package you selected, then I would go ahead and make those changes at this point before sending you the final revision.

If all is complete and you approve your design plans, then we are done, you receive a complete packet including all the details of the package you selected and a shoppable product list and design implementation guide to walk you through all you have to do. As E-design helps me work with anyone from anywhere, I will not be there myself to see the project through but would love you to send me pictures of your updated and finished spaces. For those that I do a local project with, I schedule some time to come in and take pictures with a professional photographer. I work closely with my clients building a long lasting relationship, long after the project is over as my role is to inspire a God-given and loving relationship with all I work with as much as is possible.

So if you are Ready to relax and make your home inspiring and a place you want to come home to, if you want to live in a Colorful and Modern Eclectic space, and you are a busy mom or dad, or professional, fill out the contact form here. I can't wait to help you create the beautiful home you deserve.

Book Your E-Design Services Today

Looking for design tips and a mood board of curated pieces for your space? Looking to redesign or refresh your home? Want something that is tailored for you and your space, or need styling advice? Check out my package offerings below. Stop worrying and start feeling inspired to focus on what matters most to you.

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