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Kids' Room Storage and Organization Ideas

When decorating a kids room as with any other room, style cannot take the place of function and organization. How the space is being used should be considered in creating a kid friendly space. Besides, a room cannot be considered stylish or beautiful if it is filled with clutter. Here are some tips to help you have a beautiful and well organized space

kids bedroom


- Instead of using collapsible bins, use sturdy and structured toy bins, storage and baskets with lids to keep clutter away and keep your space clean. This helps kids learn to clean up easily and also appreciate the work that they've done.

- When organizing as well, make it easy for kids to put things away by placing items in categories instead of together. For example, put socks together, separate from underwear, pajamas, their tops and bottoms and so on.

TIP: If you organize your children's clothes in drawers and don't think they are ready for folding their clothes or tidying up on their own yet? Save yourself the headache, give yourself peace of mind and use the child safety locks. I personally recommend them and they lasted a long time in keeping my young kids out of the drawers. Check out the options below


- Tired of making the bed for your kids over and over again? Especially when they are younger, instead of using the entire set that comes when you buy a bedsheet set, only use a fitted sheet or try the ones that come with a zipper. Now your kids can learn to make their beds as they get older. All they need is a comforter to pull over their heads. See fitted sheet options below to shop

- If not in a small space and you have the room for it, move the bed off the wall. This helps to create a cozy and intimate space for your kids and eventually helps make it easier as they transition to making their own beds and moving around to do so. In the picture below, the room was quite small and we had to place the bed against the wall to maximize space.


- Incorporate cleaning into your kids routing by making sure they tidy up their toys after every playtime and before bedtime. Slowly but surely, it will become something they are used to and start to do independently.