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Color Me Blue

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Woohoo!! It's the first Friday of March and another beginning to the weekend. You know I am always thankful for the weekend, especially when I get a chance to rest and actually spend time with my family. For me as a mom I think what takes up my time most these days is meal prepping and for this month I'm not letting that happen. All the meals have been prepared with a timetable to let everyone know what we will be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it just takes a whole lot off my plate that I have to think about.

Any parents out there know what I'm talking about- I see you. Is there anything different you do in terms of meal planning? I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

On to this week's Color Me series - we are showing all things BLUE!! All colors come in different shades but I really appreciate the different and beautiful tones you get from blue. Think about the light blue you get from the sky during the day, or the tone you get from the sea or even the navy blue you get towards the nighttime from the sky to name a few variations. We thank God for the wonders of nature he created for us to behold.

So in this mood board, I hope you appreciate the different mix and rich eclectic blues and if you do shop any of the items below, please leave me a comment below. I'd love to know what you got.

Mood board, Valentine mood board, Valentine inspiration, red curtains, red heart pillow

Enjoy your weekend and remember to also share this with someone or save it on Pinterest and other social media pages you follow.


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