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Green Mystery Master Bedroom

Here it is y'all. Finally the Green Mystery Master Bedroom I have been so excited to show you all. This is a dream I wish to be in. And what I mean by that is I created this 3D Render out of pure inspiration. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I love the color green which turns out to also be the brand colors for my company Inspired Ore Home Decor.

There's more to it though - Going back a few years when I found out what my zodiac sign was (Go Taurus), I also found out that the birthstone associated with my birth month (May) is Emerald. And after I looked more into the stone and what it stands for (Elegance, Precious stone, Royalty) I fell in love with the color green in this specific shade since then and I'm loving it. So yes, that's why I created this bedroom and if you want to find out how to create the perfect master bedroom especially one with this size, then continue reading...

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First and the most obvious you want to select your bed. With so many options out there, important details to look for in a bed are:

  • Headboard (look for high headboards which help to draw the eyes up and give the illusion of high ceilings especially if your room is on the shorter side.

  • The frame (the frame of the bed gives the room some structure and personality depending on what style you go for. And if you are "adulting" then definitely go for styles like sleigh bed frames, canopy beds, beds with storage, and platform beds).

  • Size (this has to be proportionate to the size of your room and that will help you determine whether you get a twin, full, queen, king and other variations)

Then finally selecting a bed and also considering your room size will determine what rug size you get. You want to get a rug that sits under the entire bed and nightstands or one that has two to three inches of floor space between the rug and the night stand or any other piece of furniture, and that it extends at least 12 inches beyond the foot of the bed.

Add a nightstand that is about the height of the frame of the bed where you can put things like your cellphone, bible or book that you like to read before bedtime and of course water for those late night thirst! The color of the nightstand can be as neutral or as bold as you want it to be keeping everything else in coordination as you see below with the patterned nightstand I chose for this vision

Do add a conversation area where you can get things done and be up from the bed but still be in the bedroom without having to leave your room. Make it even cozier by adding plush colorful pillows!

While we are dreaming, make it yours by giving this bedroom a gorgeous view with ceiling to floor windows and the ultimate relaxation area with a custom bench and comfy and cute pillows

And finally, do add bookshelves for functionality, to flank the sides of the custom bench and give room for additional storage of books or just cute decor displays.

I hope you all enjoyed today's design tips along with the 3D render visualization. What's great about E-design is that it helps to tell a visual story of what a room would be like and helps to keep a mental note as you implement the design tips yourself. So if you want an E-Design for a specific room in your home or your entire home, check out more details below.

I would also love to hear what you guys think about this Master Bedroom E-Design - please leave a comment below.


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If you love what I did with this Room design and you would want something similar that is tailored to your space, Or you would like to redesign your home or need styling advice? Check out my package offerings below. Stop worrying and start feeling inspired to focus on what matters most to you.

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