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Yellow Living Room Inspiration!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

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Hello there everyone - hope you all are doing well and staying warm. Looks like we have all been hit with the Cold arctic snow storm weather except for 3 states as of today (Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina). Everyone else is either enjoying the snow for the first time or in the thick of negative degree temperatures and trying to stay warm. Whatever situation you are in, stay safe, know that this will pass soon, enjoy it as well and also reach out to someone to check on them.

On another side, I'm starting this new series "Color me" mood board series. I will be sharing some specific colored themed room boards to inspire you and show you different ways to work with color in your home. You can shop the links below and I'd also love to hear from you what color you would like to see next.

Mood board, Valentine mood board, Valentine inspiration, red curtains, red heart pillow

Please live a comment below or check out my Instagram page to leave your suggestions.

Click on the links to shop the items. Happy Shopping!


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