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Inspire Package Services
Finishing Touches

Marble Surface

We provide the vision and help you make it a reality. Can you handle basic tasks like painting, ordering, furniture & assembly? Our customized Inspire Package offering also known as the Finishing Touches Package offers multi-angle 2D and 3D renderings customized to your space including a shopping list with a clickable links to order every item. Once you complete the ordering from our shopping list with clickable links and any required cosmetic work/ furniture assembly, we’ll come and finish the space for you!

  • Package length is 8 weeks

  • A customized design for each space based on your specific needs and design style

  • 2 Dimensional rendering  of the space to demonstrate furniture layout

  • 3 Dimensional rendering of the space to give a general real world feel of the proposed design - *Renderings are approximations only and may not be substituted for architectural drawings or plans.*

  • Color Selection

  • Shopping list with clickable links to purchase pieces in proposed design

  • Shopping list and renderings will be presented within 7 to 10 business days of receiving measurements and assessing design style via 5 to 10 photos with detailed comments.

  • Inspired Ore Home Decor will present the design in person and answer any and all questions related to the design. We will also collect the money for the accessories at this time.

  • Ongoing consultation to answer any and all questions regarding the achievement of the design we have created for your space(s) 

  • Inspired Ore Home Decor completes up to 2 independent shopping trips of up to 8 hrs. each to gather accessories and art to complete the final space(s) on an agreed upon budget between Inspired Ore Home Decor and client.

  • All ordering, maintaining of the budget, returns, furniture assembly, and contractor work is the responsibility of the client independent of Inspired Ore Home Decor (we may make recommendations), with exception of the accessories purchased by Inspired Ore Home Decor

  • Once all purchased items have arrived and work is complete, Inspired Ore Home Decor will spend a single day of up to 8 hrs. (per space) completing the space including: light cleaning, placing rugs and furniture (larger pieces will be at Inspired Ore Home Decor’s discretion), accessorizing/ styling, hanging pictures and hanging and steaming window treatments, & presenting the space in an HGTV- style reveal to the client.

*Please note: The hanging of window treatments and art/ décor etc. is based on ceilings that are no higher than 9 feet. Ceilings higher than 9 ft are not covered in this package.

  • Response to your inquiries within 48 hours

  • Package length is 8 weeks. All work & arrival of all pieces must be completed within the 8 week timeframe.

Inspire Package Overview

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